Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome Home

A friend returned home this afternoon. About a year ago, he walked away from a multi-year career working for the same company and department as me. He then proceeded to cram a lifetime of experiences into the next 352 days by traveling the globe.

I'm guessing the majority of the few readers I've got know Jay and that he's returned. But some may not. If you don't know Jay but have been a bit curious about what its like to travel the globe, spend some time perusing his multiple blog entries from Costa Rica to Brazil to Australia to Cambodia to Egypt (friggin' backsheesh moochers) to Israel and so on.

We met Jay this afternoon as he returned. We didn't meet him at the airport. Fortunately he had family arrive to greet him. Instead, many of us gathered at Outback and hoisted Sam Adams, Foster's, Bud Light, Blue Moon, white wine, etc. for our own version of Suds Summit to celebrate his safe return to the good ol' USA, hear some additional stories, and share some laughs.

Welcome back Jay.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks dude! I appreciated you guys coming out to meet me (not to mention buying me beers).

    I have a bout 1.5 months of Europe to blog about. I was going to start as soon as I got home, but there's been so much TV to watch. Hope to have some of it up this week.