Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feel Bad For You Pumpkin Edition

This blog has become as stagnant as the American economy, as trailer park pool water, as my exercise regiment, or as Blackberry's market share.

Thank goodness someone else still blogs new stuff so I can reference it and re-post it as a new entry. A Truer Sound has again posted the monthly edition of the Feel Bad For You mixtape compilation. The October edition has an all ... err ... mostly instrumental theme. Phil Norman (Twitter) once again gets props for the nice artwork.

As stated in the past, the concept is rather simplistic. Several of us have formed some sort of whacked, 'X' degrees of separation kinship through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, restraining orders, etc. We submit one song of our choosing each month. The fact many of us have common interests in music doesn't suck when it comes to compiling the submissions.

So now that the calendar has flipped to October, don your shades during the day or a light jacket at night, enjoy a pint of your favorite Oktoberfest seasonal, carve your jack-o-lantern, load up on the candy for the kiddies, and listen to FBFY here (or click here to download the compilation).

My contribution this month was Townsend, TN by Nashville's The Royal Court of China. The band had two distinctly different commercial releases - a self-titled debut and a second harder-edged release named Geared and Primed. After a multi-year hiatus, the band reunited a few years ago for a knock-down, drag-out show at Nashville's famed Exit-In at which I was elated to be present.

Townsend, TN is an actual place and is perhaps best known for being the gateway to Cade's Cove - an undeveloped, tranquil, tourist trap. Yes I used undeveloped, tranquil and tourist all in the same sentence. I've never listened to Townsend, TN while driving through Townsend, but I can visualize the song would work doing so.

RCC broke one single, Half The Truth, from their second album Geared and Primed. Having once worked for someone who lived his professional life telling about half the truth 100% of the time, I've never forgotten about this song.

Because this is the month of Halloween, here is an RCC treat for you. Remember though - no tricks in return.