Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feel Bad For You Sweaty Edition

A Truer Sound has posted the August edition of the monthly Feel Bad For You compilation. Phil Norman (Twitter) gets the props for the nice artwork for this month's edition.

The concept is stupidly simplistic. Several of us have formed some sort of whacked, 'X' degrees of separation kinship through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (kind of like one of those distant cousins you avoid even at once-a-decade family reunions). We submit one song of our choosing each month. The fact many of us have common interests in music doesn't suck when it comes to compiling the submissions. (As an aside, Compiling The Submissions sounds like an awesome goth band name if you ask me.)

In addition to sampling each others' choices, you too are a winner. Treat the compilation like loading your plate at a weird wedding reception. Take multiple helpings of some, taste a bite of another before tactfully returning the rest to your plate, smell some and recoil in horror, etc.

So with the continuing - yet to be expected - heat and humidity, mop your brow, deodorize your pits, swig a cold brew, and listen to FBFY here (or click here to download the compilation).

My contribution this month was One More Summer by Kansas City's The Rainmakers. After a 14-year hiatus, the band reunited (less one founding member), released a CD of all new material, and toured several joints in Norway. NORWAY??? Yes - Norway - who supported the band early and often in their prime time. One More Summer is from the band's second release - Tornado - from way back in 1987. (Seriously? 1987? When 100% of my college loans were still due?) But here is a version of the song from one of the band's spring Norwegian shows.