Saturday, March 10, 2012

CXCW 2012: The Music Starts Now

In the month of March each year, much of the focus of musicians, fans, labels, promotional teams, advertisers, and social media outlets focus on Austin's South by Southwest - aka SXSW.

However, many performers can't get booked in Austin, and many fans can't travel there. In addition, many performers don't want to participate in SXSW - and the same can be said for fans (hands go up for TMC).

Yet, as fans, we dig music. Even more so, we dig grabbing our own beer from the fridge at a fraction of the cost, not having to wait in line for the bathroom, saving money on travel costs, and using our sofas as a multipurpose device: work space, bar bench, snack station, and nap haven.

So if you find yourself in that category and want to take in some great music, join me at this year's Couch By Couchwest aka CXCW - where the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you. This year's on-line festival will run from March 11 - 18.

Click the poster below to jump to CXCW's site, view the videos at YouTube or Vimeo, participate on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

Also, you don't have to be a passive couch potato with this. Know an artist or performer? Recommend they submit an original video. How about yourself? Can you strum three chords and sing in tune? Then fire up the camcorder. LoFi videography will work. Set up your camera, pick up a guitar, press record, sing, save, submit. Bonus points may be awarded for appearances by couches, beer, pets, or kids.