Monday, April 15, 2013

Feel Bad For You Taxpayers

April 15 - Bite the bullet, and pay The Man. This post serves as a friendly reminder to get your 1040 postmarked by midnight tonight, or you'll be facing a visit by...

Now just because its Tax Day and perhaps a separation of your wallet from your person doesn't mean all is lost. A well-meaning group of miscreants, scofflaws, and vagabonds from the blogsphere, Facebook, Twitter, Couch By Couchwest, etc. once again feel bad for you. And to demonstrate their empathy, April's Feel Bad For You compilation is now available for your listening enjoyment.
You can stream the mishmash of great tunes below or download the full comp here. Either way, just realize you have no one to blame but yourself for again waiting until the 11th hour to sweat your way through Turbo Tax or H&R Block's software. Sorry, but its true. But I still feel bad for you.

Compilation listing:
(Visit Feel Bad For You's blog for specific comments related to each track.)

1. Title: A New Love (Can Be Found)
Artist: Daniel Romano
Album (year): Come Cry With Me (2013)
Submitted By: Bryan Childs (

2. Title: Song For Zula
Artist: Phosphorescent
Album (year): Muchacho (2013)
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel

3. Title: Up To Me
Artist: Cosmonaut On Vacation
Album: Let The Moment Land (2013)
Submitted by: Corey Flegel (This Is American Music)

4. Title: Leave the City
Artist: Magnolia Electric Co.
Album (Year): Radio K (Minneapolis 8th Aug 09)
Submitted by: Simon

5. Title: Ashes to Athens (live)
Artist: Joe Bonamassa
Album (year): An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House (2013)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010

6. Title: Cloudy Morning Blues
Artist: Black Cold Bottles
Album (year): Neander (2012)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy

7. Title: New Lover
Artist: Josh Ritter
Album (year): The Beast In Its Tracks (2013)
Submitted By: @philnorman

8. Title: Lost Highway
Artist: The Replacements
Album (year): Songs for Slim (2013)
Submitted By: @mikeorren

9. Title: It Hurts Too Much To Cry
Artist: Leroy Powell & The Messengers
Album (year): Life and Death (2013)
Submitted By: Trailer (

10. Title: It Must Have Been Love
Artist: Kathleen Edwards
Album (year): single (2013)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz

11. Title: War Again
Artist: Balkan Beat Box
Album (year): Blue Eyed Black Boy (2010):
Submitted By: @popa2unes

12. Title: Peter Piper
Artist: Run-DMC
Album (year): Raising Hell (1986)
Submitted By: Gorrck

13. Title: Peace And Quiet
Artist: Waxahatchee
Album (Year): Cerulean Salt (2013)
Submitted By: erschen

14. Title: Free To Fly
Artist: Markus Rill
Album (year): My Rocket Ship (2013)
Submitted By: Mando Lines

15. Title: Inside
Artist: Sand Rubies
Album: Cuacha (2001)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry

16. Title: High on the Skyline
Artist: The New Mendicants
Album (year): Australia EP (2013)
Submitted By: Ryan

17. Title: Hoover Farm Exorcism
Artist: Imperial Rooster
Album (year): The Savior EP / Cluckaphony (2013)
Submitted By: annieTUFF

18. Title: Lean on Me
Artist: Telekinesis
Album (year): Dormarion
Submitted By: scratchedsoul

19. Title: Asa
Artist: Denison Witmer
Album (year): Denison Witmer (2013)
Submitted By: Slowcoustic

20. Title: Help Is On The Way
Artist: Gerald Collier
Album (year): Help Is On The Way – Digital Single (2013)
Submitted By: BoogieStudio22