Friday, August 7, 2009

Got myself a theme song!

From time to time, I Google my own name just to see what's out there. Pretty interesting stuff based on a recent search:
  • a Facebook user who shares my real name (but its not me)
  • someone with my name who graduated high school in San Diego (I didn't)
  • some dude with the same name as me who is tied in with Converse and apparently assisted in getting a sponsorship deal for a skateboarder
  • someone who married a gal with a name different than my wife's name (please don't tell her - I have enough trouble with my own life much less managing the life of someone else who shares my name)
The other thing I like to do is Google "too much country" or "toomuchcountry". I had the label hung on me in 1991, and I eventually embraced its uniqueness.

Recently, I found Terri Fann's web page. Terri is a songwriter living in Austin. She does not share the same name as me, but she did pen a song called...ahem...yep...Too Much Country. Its been recorded as a demo with male vocals, and Terri was kind enough to share it with me.

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So now I've got myself a genuine theme song!

You can hear a few more of Terri's songs at:


  1. Can chick write me a theme song?

  2. Terri probably can't. Not her musical style. But oh I've got one for you from another writer I met. Stay tuned. (No pun intended.)