Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good deed for the day

I've never been able to bring myself to donate blood. As a teen, I had allergy shots regularly. And I've had to give a couple of vials of blood over the years for routine physicals and such. So I've done the needle thing and had a bit of the red stuff removed. But donate a bag of blood? Shudder...its just not my thing.

I carry a signed organ-donor card in my wallet. Several years ago, I was moved by the actions of some friends who lost a daughter - yet enriched the life of many others by donating many parts of her body. I quickly decided once I'm declared 'gone', they can take all they want. Put my innards on Craigslist, donate them to Goodwill, auction them on eBay. I don't care.

Today, Ozzy Nelson donated blood. He walked to the Red Cross, did his duty for his fellow man, and then called me to come pick him up. The last part was a bit out of the norm because he normally just walks back to the office, but he was feeling a bit light-headed today and needed a lift.

I shortened a meeting, got my car keys, and cheerfully went to pick him up. We were almost back to the office when he realized he'd left a DVD he wanted to watch at the Red Cross. So I drove back a 2nd time to retrieve it.

Many successful efforts are often the result of a team effort. So even though a nurse or phlebotemist or whatever they call the blood-draining people didn't take my blood physically, I kinda feel like I did a good deed. Its almost like I gave blood if you think about it. Right?

I wonder if I can claim a partial 'community hour' through Payroll for my contributions to the Red Cross.


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