Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well, the boy finally cut one

It took him over 14 years to get the job done, but my son finally cut one. And it was a good 'un too. His effort didn't even use that much gas, but he was pretty smelly when he was done.

I'm talking about him finally getting around to cutting the grass. What else would it take him 14 years to cut?

Truthfully, I was right proud of him. No complaining. No "can we do it this weekend instead?" He shut down the Wii and was out the door ready to roll as soon I told him it was time. August 13, 2009, was a momentous day for him. He began his morning with his first day of high school and ended it with the responsibility of handling the mower and my trust he could get it done.

He even pitched in with edging and running the blower to boot. The ol' boy might just amount to something yet.

I took the high road and bragged on him for his efforts. I spared him my stories about having mowed a ton of lawns by age 14 - enough to earn enough money to buy a drum set, lodge a couple of mower blades in tree roots, and run over the family dog house on my dad's Craftsman rear-engine riding mower (I'm glad they didn't have camcorders or cell phone cameras back then).



  1. tell him that he will attract more neighborhood hotties if he cuts it shirtless.

  2. Very good diagonal cut. I was mowing for several years before I tried something like that.