Friday, February 6, 2009

Where I Was Last Week

Last week, I drew the tough assignment of infielding an audit project in Boynton Beach, Florida - just a few miles south of West Palm Beach.

When I left on Tuesday, the weather was miserable in middle Tennessee. Tons of rain and dreary temps - yet not cold enough to snow. I understand Wednesday at home was much colder with a chance for frozen precip. That's all it took for our weak-kneed school system to keep the kiddies home.

Meanwhile, I was working away blissfully in 75 degree temps. I'm generally not considered a braggart, but I really had little choice but to rub in this fact with everyone back home.

This was the view I had at breakfast. If you ever find yourself in Lake Worth, FL - a short drive from West Palm - you really need to visit John G's for breakfast. Not only is the morning sunrise view fantastic, so is their cream cheese french toast with warm raisin syrup

Breakfast by the beach was so enjoyable that we decided to head back that way for lunch. We dined at Dune Deck Cafe next to the Ritz Carlton in Lantana, FL along Highway A1A. This is the view provided to us there.

Yep. Being a road dog is a tough life. Yawn.



  1. Are you SURE this was a work trip?? :)

  2. Ah, travel. The thing I miss most about my days in public accounting. I once had an extensive and recurring gig in Ft. Lauderdale, and had to always be careful to not seem to be having any fun.