Saturday, February 7, 2009

Birthday Cards

This was my favorite card I got for my birthday last weekend.

This is my second favorite. It was from the wife. I'll likely get grief for not making it #1.

My all-time favorite birthday card received didn't have a memorable front to it. But the message inside contained words that were sent to me with what I'm sure was true genuineness. I'm pretty sure even Confucius would have said "Wow, why didn't I think of this?"

For your birthday,

May you experience wine, women, and song.
And may none of them be flat.

For those of you didn't win, didn't finish 2nd, who let my birthday slip your mind, or who downright dissed me, well hey there's always next year.



  1. I see my ultra-creative "happy birthday email" didn't make the cut. Ah well...

  2. I'm sorry I let it slip by. I am lower than that guy that looks forward to working with you another year.