Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gubmunt is our only hope??? Say it ain't so Joe.

We once had an entrepreneurial economy. We've had mergers and acquisitions. We've had business successes and business failures. We've had risk takers. We've had fraudsters. We've had high tax rates and low tax rates. We've had governmental regulations and incentives. And then more regs. And even more regs. And then government "investments". And then bailouts. And then stimulus packages. And then reinvestment and revitalization efforts. And now this wonderful generalization.

...Federal Government is our only remaining option...

Are you kidding me??? Is this really what its come down to?

To all those who wanted 'change', is this what you voted for? Many of you voted for him because you viewed the 2008 election as an historical and symbolic occasion. But is this what you signed on for? To have him firmly and unequivocally say that only the Big Dogs in DC know what is good for each of us? That we're incapable of helping ourselves at all? That all decisions - big or small - will be dictated by them not you?

I've read the comments, the blogs, the MSM, etc. where folks continue to say "We're not headed for socialism. That's not what Obama is about." Baloney. You know it. Bob Dole knows it. The American people know it. Friends, socialism is front and center & will be here a whole lot sooner than the realization of Al Gore's crumbling global warming theories.

Hope y'all enjoy your fiddling while Rome burns.


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  1. You could have said, "say it ain't so President O" or "say it ain't so Barak O." It is interesting that you couldn't bring yourself to mention his name. It was almost like one of those commercials about the Super Bowl where they can't say "Super Bowl" so they call it the "big game" or something like that.
    Anyway, I agree with you. And I saw our favorite red head at the game last night.