Monday, June 8, 2009

Introducing Marble

A neighbor got conned by her son into adopting a stray cat. What she failed to know on the front end was the cat was about to become four. Within a week or so of giving the cat a new home, *ka boom* three kittens arrive. My daughter immediately latched onto one of them during a visit and the suck-up began almost immediately thereafter.

We already have 2 cats. I tried to explain that we didn't need a third. We had 2 kids because we didn't want three. We have 2 vehicles because we don't want three. I go to 2 NASCAR races a year because my wife won't let me to to three. Get the picture?

However, as I learned, my vote really didn't matter anyway. The conspiracy was underway. My son, daughter, and wife had already determined one of the kittens was coming our way. I was asked simply as a courtesy - not because any of the three of them gave a hoot what I thought.

So 8 weeks later, here she is. My daughter named her Marble - although "baby kitty" seems to be the most oft' used name at the moment.

In other news, I have sinus surgery scheduled for mid-July. I'm a long-time allergy sufferer, and they finally need to do some work up there. Among other irritants in my sinuses? Oh yeah...that's right... pet dander.



  1. I assume you have two testicles - because you don't want three.

  2. Are you saying you've got too much pussy?

  3. You can never have too much pussy.