Saturday, June 27, 2009

Farrah T. Bassett

A co-worker and I were grieving the loss of Farrah Fawcett Thursday. She was THE sex symbol of our youth. My mother and I had many go-rounds about what kinds of entertainment magazines I could purchase (the legal kind for my age), posters I could display, and TV shows I could watch.

In reading her obit, I saw where she only appeared in 22 episodes of Charlie's Angels - THE show for which she is best known. I had no idea it was that few and figured she was in oh, about a hunnerd of 'em.

My co-worker said Farrah's appearance in her 22 episodes was analogous to Howard Morris' appearance as Ernest T. Bass in only about a half-dozen episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. Both made a big impact during their limited time on the shows. As I sat there with a stunned look on my face, he quickly backed up and clarified that's the only thing comparable between the two.

Now, I'll be the first to say The Andy Griffith is my all-time favorite TV show - and Ernest T. is among my favorite characters. And I'll also say Farrah is entrenched at #1 as the celeb who turned the most RPMs for me as a young'un.

But there isn't ANYTHING comparable between ...

Ernest T.

and Farrah

On the other hand, I am open to a debate about the hotness of Peggy McMillan, Andy Taylor's girlfriend for a while. I have always been bent with Andy for giving her up for Miss Ice Queen, Helen Crump.



  1. Ernest T's high beams couldn't hole a candle (pun intended) were nothing compared to Farrah's. And everyone knows that Barbara Eden was the hottest thing to ever come on Andy Griffith.

  2. I always thought Thelma Lou was kind of hot.