Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy at Grimey's

Daddy released their second CD "For a Second Time" on June 16. To kick it off, they had a free in-store performance at Grimey's New & Pre-Loved Music in Nashville. I captured video for 3 songs and took a couple of pics as well.

Here is Mike "Grimey" Grimes getting the show started. For the un-initiated, Grimey was in a band along with the two frontmen of Daddy - Will Kimbrough and Tommy Womack - in a band called The Bis-Quits about a decade ago.

I beg your forgiveness on the audio. It sounded fantastic there, but the little mic on my Canon camera was overwhelmed. As for video editing, what I saw is what you get. No multi-camera. No fancy editing. Just fresh from SD chip to PC to YouTube to you. Raw as a fresh piece of celery.

The band opened with the first track of their new CD - Nobody From Nowhere.

The next track they played was a song Tommy penned titled Early To Bed, Early To Rise.

The other track I captured was from Daddy's first CD "From The Women's Club" - You Made Your Bed.

When he isn't jamming as part of Daddy or doing daddy-duty, you'll find Will Kimbrough as a guitarist in Rodney Crowell's band or touring with Todd Snider.

You'll often find Tommy Womack touring with Todd Snider as well or as a frequent performer at Norm's River Roadhouse in West Nashville or The Family Wash in East Nashville.


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