Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Commitment and Passion

Took my son to Boy Scouts summer camp Sunday. While I enjoy camping a bit, I prefer spring or fall - where the days are reasonable and the nights are pleasantly cool. I don't enjoy 90 degree days and stifling nights. So each summer, I drop him off on Sunday and pick him up on Friday.

One man who does enjoy camp week is my son's scoutmaster. At 80+ years old and a World War II navy vet, he goes each summer. A year or so ago, he told me he wouldn't miss summer camp for the world. He said he's spent a year of his life sleeping in a tent at summer camp - 1 week at a time. Having spent 50+ years of his life working with scouts, the math is easy to calculate.

I'm about 1/2 his age, but I don't even have 1/2 his commitment and passion for helping develop boys into young men. He's turned over a large portion of his property to the troop - including a 100 year-old barn. Plus, he gives up every Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon working with the boys on rank advancement, troop meetings, etc.

No Hampton Inn Hhonors Points earned here.

A (monkey) bridge to nowhere - Five of us built it in about 90 minutes.



  1. I think those tents look pretty livable! What a great story-thanks!