Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nashville's Floods: 100 days later

Has it really been 100 days? From May 1-3, 2010, over 13 inches of rain fell on Nashville, TN and neighboring communities. Once the rains stopped, then the trouble really began. Rainwater ran to the streams and rivers. Lakes had to be lowered through dams adding to the surging river waters.

Many homes and businesses were lost. Some have returned. Some were destroyed and will likely not return. The damage has been well documented - even if it wasn't well covered by media outside of Tennessee.

A friend of mine, Denny Rudolph, was inspired to write a song not only by the stunning events of the flood but more important by the amazing ways in which folks from the mid-state rallied to help one another.

Middle Tennessee has been my home for all but 9 years of my life. Its a spectacular place to call home with spectacular people to call family, friends, and neighbors.


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