Friday, December 4, 2009

Clarity of Communication

I stopped by Mapco Friday morning for a cup of coffee. Its getting to be a regular habit - maybe three or four times a week. Hazelnut coffee, 16 ounces, 69 cents - can't be beaten. Its especially true knowing the coffee at the office - if its even made when I get there or if anyone even bothers to make a fresh pot after one is emptied - will normally be brewed in a carafe that likely hasn't seen soap since before Y2K.

As I'm now a bit of a Mapco regular, I presented my coffee drinker punch card. Six punches = a free cup. Quite the deal. I was one punch away from a freeb!

However, it was my lucky Friday. The clerk said "I'm just going to give you this cup for free. We're changing to a 5 punch card next week. So I'll just treat yours that way hon." Awesome.

I was grateful - don't get me wrong. But as someone who generally wants that next piece of info, I had to ask for clarification. Just haaaddd to ask.

TMC: So how is this going to work? Are you going to still have double-punch Monday where really I only have to buy four cups? Or are you doing away with double-punch Monday as part of the 5 punch card?

Clerk: Um-hmm. Yep, that's what we're doing.

TMC: But...oh, OK. Sure. Well have a good weekend.

Trust me, I'm going Monday. Surely, communication is clearest at the beginning of a new week with a cup of hot joe and a punch card in hand.


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