Monday, December 28, 2009

2010: A Year of Returning to Reading?

For much of the noughties, I found myself reading a lot of books. TV has bored me for years. And I find myself falling asleep during movies or dissing most of them because of lame humor and/or improbabilities built into most scripts. So reading has been a great way to fill the gap.

But I've slipped the last couple of years - probably as a result of idle time spent blogging, tweeting, and scrounging around looking for enjoyable new music.

Its not as if I haven't had plenty of reading material to choose from. The staple gift for birthday and Christmas from my mothers (birth and in-law) often include books. I also signed up in 2008 for Paperback Swap resulting in a pretty hefty number of inbound books in 2009 - most of which continue to sit on the shelf until I get back in the saddle.

Current books in the queue include:
  • The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World - Vince Poscente
  • The Burden of Proof - Scott Turow
  • Daughters Gone Wild - Dads Gone Crazy - Charles and Heather Stone
  • Fierce Conversations - Susan Scott
  • The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression - Amity Schlaes
  • A Man's Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines - Patrick Morley
  • Rapid Response: My Inside Story as a Motor Racing Life-Saver - Dr. Stephen Olvey
  • Raising Resilient Children - Brooks and Goldstein
  • Ray Fox: Sly in the Stock Car Forest - Godwin Kelly
  • Reading the Bible Again for the First Time - Marcus J. Borg
  • The Search for Significance - Robert S. McGee
  • 3 Secular Reasons Why American Should Be Under God - William Federer
  • Silent Speedways of the Carolinas - Perry Wood
  • Why Men Hate Going to Church - David Murrow
  • The World Is Flat - Thomas Friedman
While I highly doubt I'll get to all of these in 2010, I do plan to get back in the habit of reading regularly. Too many hours are spent in a typical year of mine hanging out in airports, hotels, and the living room couch to waste them by not reading.


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