Monday, November 9, 2009

Miranda Lambert is tops. No lying!

Forget Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, or Kellie Pickler. They are mere pretenders. Instead, choose Miranda Lambert as a much stronger female force in country or Americana music. But a word to the wise - don't cross her. With songs like White Liar, Kerosene, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she's likely to get downright ornery if she gets scorned.

Earlier this year, I heard an interview with her on a Jacksonville, FL radio station. She had a great quip about how she writes songs. To paraphrase, she said "Lyin', cheatin', drinkin' & the Lord. That's what country music is all about." Pretty hard to disagree with that generalization.

Plus, you automatically trump all other peers when you've got a bass player in your band with a spiked mohawk.

Here is the official video of her new single "White Liar" (sorry about the leading ad)...

...and here she is singing it on Letterman.

On top of all that, she tweets too!

Update: After posting Monday night, The Tennessean published this interview with Miranda by Peter Cooper on Tuesday.



  1. This might be the only music interest we have in common :) She is one of my favorites. Have you heard her sing harmony with her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, in "Home"? That's a good one too!

  2. I figured Miranda was a little too mainstream for you. :)