Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Mask - A decision made easier?

Nothing has changed. The choice offered by my employer remains the same today as it did a couple of weeks ago - get the flu shot or be prepared to wear a mask when asked to do so.

As I mentioned previously, I've chosen to not get the shot. So the choice moved to which mask to wear.

I think I've narrowed it down to two choices. A compelling argument can be made for either.

Finalist #1 - As my mother reminded me via her scanning of a 1971 photo, I too once uttered those famous words spoken by Michael Keaton's rendition of the dark knight: "I'm Batman". So by choosing this one, I can roll old school. Other upsides include a cool car and my own personal butler.

Finalist #2 - As I strolled West 44th Street in New York City last Saturday (future blog entry), the image of the Phantom's big mask jumped right out at me - along with the word "Phenomenal!". It was as if some sort of karma-like, coincidental decision was being offered to me from on-high. Benefits? A nice apparel upgrade from my well-worn suits to a tuxedo and some cool orchestral music to accompany my trips out of the office. A big glaring negative? I'd likely have to accept a sewer gondola over a rental car for my local transportation needs.

I still have a few weeks to go before the final decision is made. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions?


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  1. I like how the name "Batman" is written across the emblem, like there would be doubt as to who it was supposed to be.