Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get motivated and get back with me OK?. Zzzz

This morning's keynote speaker was supposedly one of those motivational speaker guys with words of counsel as to how to sell yourself. Listening to an umpteenth speaker go on for 90 minutes at 8:00 AM with fluff about getting up and taking the world by the tail just didn't enthuse me. So I slept in, awoke to view the San Diego harbor, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. That trio of events was far more motivating for me to carpe diem.

Besides, who would buy what I'm selling? My game is the equivalent of Wal-Mart's Ol' Roy dog food - a lot of filler without much substance.

I just hope the dude doesn't find out my room number and pay me a follow-up visit for remedial teaching like Mr. Hand. That would be totally bogus dude.

Yawn.. Scritch, scritch.



  1. Hey, if I was in San Diego right now I'd be feeling the same way (Mr. Hand notwithstanding)..!!

  2. I have no pity for you....you are in SAN DIEGO and not back at the corporate office...

  3. You could have had pizza delivered to the session.

  4. Gotta make some cool rules of our own or we'll be bogus too.