Saturday, March 28, 2009

Duane Jarvis ... sad news

I was stunned last night to learn Duane Jarvis is in hospice care with terminal cancer.

“It’s been a tough fight, but Duane has faced it with tremendous grace, never losing his sense of humor or his positive outlook on life,” his brother Kevin wrote in a note sent to family members, friends and fans. “His music has kept him going, and us entertained. In the past five months alone Duane has endured two major surgeries, three rounds of chemo, numerous trips to the ER, and many weeks in the hospital.

“Unfortunately, Duane’s cancer has now reached terminal status and he will no longer be seeking curative treatment,” Kevin Jarvis wrote. “He has recently moved into an apartment near his beloved ocean in Marina Del Rey where he is under the care of loved ones and Providence TrinityCare Hospice.”

Duane is a great guitarist, lyricist, and singer. He has played with such greats as Lucinda Williams, John Prine, and Dave Alvin. He is a west coaster, but spent a while in East Nashville USA. I learned of his music only a couple of years ago via After streaming a handful of his cuts, I immediately sought out two great CDs - Far From Perfect and Certified Miracle.

God speed Duane.

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