Saturday, March 28, 2009

Corb Lund in Nashville

One of the things I take for granted living near Nashville is the amount and diversity of live music available just about every night. I know L.A., NYC, Chicago, and a few other mega-cities can likely make that same claim. But the number of options falls off pretty quickly as the population size of a city decreases.

Corb Lund is in Nashville recording his 6th album. Since he was here anyway, he and the band put together a quickly-booked, early, free show at The Basement Wednesday night. The Basement is near my office. So it was a great way to end the work day.

The full band - Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans - were there, and they played about a 50 minute set. As he put it, the show gave them a chance to get away from the studio for a bit plus try out a few of their new songs on a live audience.

The band played many of their staples: Five Dollar Bill, Hurtin' Albertan, Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle, The Truth Comes Out, and All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards (my request). They played Student Visas and Horse Soldier Horse Soldier, the title track from their most recent CD. And as is the tradion, they wrapped up their set with Time To Switch To Whiskey (We've Been Drinking Beer All Day).

During the set, they also played three new tracks. I don't know the actual song titles, but they were so new that Corb had to sing the lyrics from a piece of paper on a bar stool. Despite a recommendation from his producer or manager (can't remember which one he said) to start moving away from regionally-themed songs (i.e. western Canada references), two of the three new songs he played were about Saskatchewan and Alberta! And he tossed in a song about his Edmonton Oilers to boot. So Canadian fans - relax.

Hurtin' Albertan


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