Friday, January 6, 2012

Six Seconds: Chasing The Groove with Daddy

I started listening to Government Cheese in the late 1980s. Through the wonders of the www and e-mail, I connected with Tommy Womack from the Cheese. In turn, Tommy introduced me to the music of Todd Snider when he mentioned a gig where he agreed to play bass in Snider's band, The Nervous Wrecks. Bada-bing, bada-boom, I then started listening to Todd's music...a lot. Soon I found my way to the Todd Snider List-Serv (aka The Sh*t House Wire) where I've met a few kindred spirits sharing a common interest in similar types of music that I prefer.

Michelle, one of the lifers at The SHW, recently completed and uploaded a one-hour video documentary project she did for a degree course. In her words:
It's a discussion about communication between artists and audiences with some of the guys from Daddy (Will, Tommy and Dave - and Michael Webb, who recorded At the Women's Club.)

While Daddy may not be a household name as a band, its pedigree is solid. The full band line-up is Womack, Will Kimbrough, Dave Jacques, and Paul Griffith. Depending on travel schedules and location, Womack and Kimbrough often play together just as a Daddy duo.

Tommy's background is well established with his time in Government Cheese, his solo releases, songwriting with Jason and The Scorchers, and a one-release deal with The Bis-quits. Jacques is perhaps most recognizable as the long-time bassist for the legendary John Prine.

I first started listening to Kimbrough in the late 1980s or so when he fronted his band, Will and The Bushmen. More recently, he has released a handful of solo records. In his 'spare time', he has played with Todd Snider (and produced some of his early records), Jimmy Buffett, Rodney Crowell, and Emmylou Harris - just to name a few.

At The Women's Club was the debut release for Daddy back in 2005. They followed up with a second release in 2009 titled appropriately enough For A Second Time. I was fortunate enough to attend the in-store release performance at Grimey's for that one. (Trivia time: Did you know Mike 'Grimey' Grimes was the bassist in The Bis-Quits along with Tommy and Will?)

If you aren't familiar with Slide It In referred to in the first portion of Michelle's video, here is a full performance of it. Though a great performance in its own right, its not the same version referred to in her documentary.

Great work Michelle!

And if you are wondering about the Six Seconds of this entry's title, you've got to at least watch the portion of Michelle's doc around the 3:00 to 6:00 section.


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