Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drum tracks for songwriters

Unbelievable. This year is 2 days short of being one-third DONE. Did your list of New Year's Resolutions include trying your hand at writing a song? How about going the next step of putting lyrics and guitar or keyboard chords together on tape or digital recording?

Hmm, OK. So both of those are going well. Cool. How about adding a rhythm section? Don't know any drummers? Too expensive to hire? They drink all your beer? No interest or no skills in multi-tasking yourself?

Here may be an affordable and relevant solution to try. Over the last few months, drummer Brian Doherty released two sets of drum tracks. No fake, "pleather", synthesized drums - this is the sho-nuff thing. You have to buy and download the original track(s), but from there the tracks are royalty-free to use with songs you write.

Brian was the drummer for The Silos early releases, Cuba and their self-titled RCA release (better known simply as The One With The Bird On The Cover). Later, he drummed for notable bands such as XTC, They Might Be Giants and Freedy Johnston. Here is a bit of his handiwork while jamming at home.

If interested, read Brian's blog for info about volumes 1 and 2 and how to download them.

Of course, if you write a great song, add three chords, sample in Brian's drumming, get in the van, tour every night in front of 12 people, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are an artist - even if you end up as that guy.


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