Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Way Back Machine

Happy birthday to me. My favorite birthday card ever received had the following greeting in it:

For your birthday, may you enjoy wine, women and song...
...just make sure none of them are flat.

Props to my mama for a photo of my first birthday celebration. I find it interesting my gift was a horse because it seems I eat like one these days.

Here is the comment my mother sent with the picture.
We lived out on the hill. Dad walked on snowy and icy sidewalks from the newspaper office to the Woolworth's on the square to get the horse for your birthday.

Of course the Rogers boys broke it before you ever learned to ride it. We were excited about getting it and trying to help you learn to scoot along on the horse.
Realization #1: Those dadgum Rogers boys. I always knew there was something I didn't like about them. If I'd only had that horse, I could have rounded up a posse to go after them.

Realization #2: Its true! My folk did walk up hill in the snow back in the day. And here I thought it was just a rhetorical lecture to a lazy kid.


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