Friday, September 17, 2010

Poetry by my daughter

My daughter wrote this for her language arts class. I think I may go now. And weep a bit of joy. And hug my little girl. And smile.

I Am From Home

I am from dinner parties, filled with fun and friends.
From Mexican foods, steaming with mouthwatering goodness,
From a loving, caring family who makes sure to protect me.
I am from this and much more.

I am from a brick wall family.
I am the mortar between the bricks,
Holding everything together.
I keep us sturdy.

I am from a 2-story red brick house with a deck.
From “Fair is a bunch of rides and cotton candy”,
From a Blue’s Clues based childhood.
I am from my quiet and comfy bedroom.

I am from a cross inscribed with “Bless This Cat”.
From a cat-shaped candle on top of birthday cakes,
From taunting my brother by ‘hearing’ ghosts.
I am from a smart, logical family.

I am from a family with a brother who I admire.
One who is smart and nice to everyone.
A brother who is talented in many ways.
Someone I can trust.