Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Night 3 of vacation

Oh no! I brought 3 bottles of wine. Its night 3, and now I'm out. I was hoping my contribution would be matched in part by other wine consumers - namely FIL and SIL. But it turned out not to be. FIL didn't bring any, but he actually hugged - HUGGED - me when I brought out the 3 bottles I packed. In almost 19 years of marriage to his daughter and multiple vacations together, I think that was the first genuine smile I've had from him and definitely the first hug.

SIL brought a single bottle some bottle of cheap strawberry zin I'd never heard of. Thanks for nothing as I wasn't going to turn to your wine to relief the stresses brought on by the whining of your own brood. What did that cost? $2.99? At least it wasn't Boone's Farm or T.J. Swan.

I have yet one more night to endure. I'm either going to break the bank drinking at a restaurant Thursday night (provided we're allowed to go to one) or I'm going to pay a visit to a local winery just down the street from the condo. Scenario #2 is best bet. I've had a blueberry wine from Destin FL, a Cab/Merlot blend, and Merlot the 3 nights. I guess its time I get me a local Muscadine vintage. On second thought, I wonder how one would taste if I swirled it together with a strawberry zin...naaaaah.

Gotta have something.


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