Friday, May 15, 2009

First cell phone bill after adding a teen

After a bit of deliberation and a decision that our son was trustworthy of having his own cell phone, we added him to our plan about a month ago. I know texting is all the rage with teens and that text limits are more important than phone minutes. But I had no idea how much more important.

I offer the following info from our first post-teen Verizon bill:
  • notenoughcountry (wife) - 54 texts
  • toomuch country (me) - 243 texts
  • toomuchtexting (the boy) - 3,902 texts
Man oh man, I'm glad I made the decision to pay a bit more each month for unlimited texting.



  1. Wow. I think he's even out texted Jon and I put together...and we too have unlimited texting!!

  2. We have a 13 year old daughter who went from zero texts at the beginning of the school year to a high volume of texts now. Our approach to the whole cell phone thing is that we use a prepaid phone plan--I think AT&T calls it a "go phone". The deal is that we put something like $15 on the phone at the beginning of each month, and if she uses that up through either calls or texts, she's out until the end of the month unless she wants to pay up herself. We've resisted the unlimited because, well, it just doesn't seem that a 13 year old should have "unlimited" anything. But if she figures out how to put forth the argument that she wants to pay for the unlimited herself, we'll be hard pressed to say no.