Friday, December 26, 2008

Uncomfortable Christmas Sights and Sounds

Sister-in-law: Is that all you got Momma?
Wife: No. This was just a gag gift.
SIL: OK. I was just gonna say that was a crappy gift.


Father-in-law: I don't need any clothes.
SIL: Then why are you looking at clothing ads?
FIL: I'm not really. I'm looking for ad for for men!
TMC: Snicker


TMC: What's the goofiest gift you ever got?
SIL: A man's vest with buttons hot-glued on it. And it was size 42 regular! Look at my chest. Do I look like a 42??


Supposedly this is body spray for my daughter. But what perv designed the packaging for this stuff?


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