Sunday, March 13, 2016

CXCW2016 - Sci-Fi Romance

Sci-Fi Romance was a four-year vet of CXCW - missing only the inaugural year when the site was hosted on Tumblr. Though CXCW isn't being formally hosted in 2016, Sci-Fi Romance is back nonetheless with another original and striking video.

Twitter: @SciFi_Romance
Facebook: scifiromance

And for those now saying Yeaaahhh, gimme more of THAT, here are the band's performances from previous years.
Sci-Fi Romance released a new album earlier this year - Dust Among The Stars - and it is really, really good. The following video wasn't done specifically for CXCW, but it is indeed original. Vance Kotrla from the band did the incredible illustrations, and it is the official release video for Goodbye At The End Of The World from the new album.


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