Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nick Dittmeier - Light of Day

Nick Dittmeier, an Indiana songwriter, recently hit my radar with news about his new EP, Light of Day. With a listen or two, I realized I dug what he was a'sangin. His deliberate guitar picking style and use of a slide immediately caught my ear.

And when Dittmeier released a video for the title track, I knew I was on board. After all when you can get Matt Damon to jam on guitar you've got something going, right? Wait. What? Oh.

Another standout track based on insightful lyrics and some good jangly guitar work is My Grey Suit.

My favorite track from the EP is Simple As A Nod. The title alone speaks volume, but there is much more to enjoy. The song has a good dose of twang and a smidgin of a Bakersfield feel to it.

The opening to Die And Go To Shively, the 5th song from the EP, has a Jerry Reed feel and the meter of lyrics reminded me of Alabama's Dixieland Delight.

For a broader intro to Dittmeier's music, enjoy this mini-concert. The video segment opens with an intro by a mayor of some municipality.  It's clear the guy is not the mayor of Couch By Couchwest because its mayoral position is filled ably by Popa2unes.

1:15 - Coming Home Soon (3rd track from the record)
5:50 - Lay Your Trouble Down With Me (from 2013 release Extra Bitter)
9:15 - Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan / The Band cover not on album)
13:30 - I Can Sing (from Extra Bitter)
17:00 - Interview
20:00 - Angel From Montgomery (Prine cover)
24:15 - My Grey Suit
27:55 - You Don't Have To Leave The Light On For Me (from Extra Bitter)
32:10 - Die And Go To Shively
37:15 - Light of Day

Check out Nick Dittmeier on his website, Twitter, and Bandcamp.


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