Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feel Bad For Your Heat Rash Edition

A Truer Sound has again posted the compilation of Feel Bad For You - July edition. Popa2unes (Twitter) designed some hilarious artwork for this month's edition.

With much of the country enduring insufferable heat and humidity this month, perhaps these tunes will provide some soothing, ointment relief ... to your ears. Listen to it here (or click here to download the compilation).

Incredibly, 2011 is already half-way done. As a result, I submitted a song titled The Fifty Percenter by Rich Hopkins and Billy Sedlmayr. For several years, Hopkins was lead guitarist for the Tucson, AZ based band The Sidewinders. (The band later changed its name to the Sand Rubies after an unfortunate, ridiculous lawsuit over the Sidewinders name by another band.) Today, Hopkins records and plays more often with his band The Luminaros.

This video will give you a second helping of Hopkins' music - the great, title track of an album he did with The Luminaros: Dirt Town.

I'm pretty sure I forgot to blog about the May and June editions. So take a listen those compilations at the FBFY site as well.

Stay cool. Drink plenty of fluids. Stretch your mind. Enjoy different music.


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