Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 My Many Blessings

Thanksgiving Day. Calories. Cowboys and Lions. Family. Travel. And for some, ready-set-GO for shopping.

I'll have generous helpings of all the above...except the shopping part. This year - as in prior years - I've had generous helpings of things and people in my life for which I'm genuinely thankful. Last year, I turned my thanks into a blog mini-series. The 2010 will be a single, get-it-and-go edition.

Here is a list of a few things of my life and observations for which I'm thankful ...
  • The life of my Uncle Earl who passed away June 3, 2010. My uncle, mentor, and friend. Gone too soon, but he left me with a lifetime of memories, laughs, and counsel.
  • My son's 80+ year-old scoutmaster who continues year after year to have an endless passion for helping shape boys into young men. His wise challenges to the boys and his smiling encouragement of them is very cool to watch.
  • Nashville, TN's music scene. I could make an effort to drive or fly elsewhere to see several bands. But for the most part, I can just stay right chere and wait for them to come through town. I admit I take for granted the vibrant scene of local performers as well as traveling artists.
  • The collective positive reaction and recovery efforts by middle Tennesseans following the May 2010 floods.
  • A brotherhood of five friends with whom I meet each Tuesday morning for breakfast and an hour together to catch up on life.
  • Schaefer beer
  • Richard Petty's desire to stay involved in NASCAR. For the most part, I've covered my interest in racing in another blog. Yet, I'd be remiss if I didn't give a nod to one of my heroes here.
  • The men and women who stand a post in the four corners of the globe doing all they can to defend the unmatched freedoms and liberty of this nation.
  • Strawberries
  • The gift and art of my daughter's piano playing
  • Oatmeal Crisp Raisin cereal
  • The homeless. I'm not thankful folks are homeless. But I'm thankful for the lives of people on the street who are too frequently discarded by society.
  • Not having to contend with an airport during the Thanksgiving travel period
  • Maple trees with vibrant red leaves in the fall
  • Seeing kids ride bicycles without shoes, a helmet, wrist guards and knee or elbow pads
  • My rejection of certain temptations
  • Ceviche and a rita on the rocks at Garcia's Mexican restaurant in Franklin, TN
  • Labrador retriever pups
Happy Thanksgiving if you are reading this.


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  1. I'll bet Mrs TMC is thankful my truck is not in her garage.