Monday, February 15, 2010

Todd Snider Nashville Show Wish List

I think Todd's opening quip in his cover of Fogerty's Fortunate Son is somewhat comparable to how I've approached this rambling, non-themed sweet blog o' mine. Without question, his delivery is far funnier than I could ever pretend to riff.
"While I might share my opinion with you over the course of the evening, I'm not gonna share it with you because I think its smart or because I think you need to know it. I'm gonna share it with you because it rhymes. I didn't come down here to change anybody's mind about anything. I came down here to ease my own mind about everything."
My train of thought here has rambled from music to travel to family to hockey to the idiotic and back again. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

So for now, its a return to a music-themed entry. I. am. fired. up. This Saturday, February 20, I'm going to see Todd live at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville. This will be my fourth time to see him live, but its only the second time I'll be seeing him as the headliner.'s Tim Lybarger included a few video clips of Todd on his Rambling On Todd-Blog. Todd pimped the TPAC show on Nashville's Lightning 100 radio station.

Snider has a pretty good discography now from which to build a set list. Like many singers, he has many standards to be expected in any show. But he's also so versatile with the music of others. He has a passion for so many other artists, and you never know who he might cover - Billy Joe Shaver, Creedence, Prine, Jerry Jeff, Cash, Kris, Fred Eaglesmith, Robert Earl, Dylan, etc.

I've got a few faves of my own that I hope to hear. I don't plan to shout them out Saturday. One, he doesn't care. Two, plenty of other drunk Todd fans will be there shouting "Beerrr Runnnn" to drown out any other legit requests true fans may want to hear.

Here are a few faves. They aren't my absolute faves necessarily - they just happen to be ones for which I could find good YouTube videos to embed.

Train Song - Pretty sure this one is in my top 5 of favorite Todd songs. If you aren't familiar with Todd or this song, indulge me and enjoy the first two minutes of this video. You won't regret it.

Waco Moon - have never heard this one performed live. Todd wrote it in memory of Eddy Shaver.

Statistician's Blues - Not really my favorite Todd song. But it hits pretty dadgum close to what I do to earn a paycheck each month. So it would almost be like he was giving me a "shout out" if he busted off this one.

I Am Too - Getting greedy with this one. I saw Todd and the Nervous Wrecks perform this one at Sam's Sports Bar in Nashville about 5 years ago (MP3), and I thought the pavement was going to crack. The tune is generally played when he's backed by his band vs. a solo performance. But ya never know, and one can always hope.

Whatever the setlist ends up being, I'm sure its gonna be a fine night. Festivities are expected to begin with a pre-show gathering with fellow Todd fans from our list-serv better known as The S**t House Wire. I'm then looking forward to East Nashville's own Elizabeth Cook and Kansas transplant Jennifer Knapp as the openers. Once Todd walks barefooted to the stage, we'll be more than ready. Just hope he tosses me a couple of bones - a song or two as noted above and maybe a guest appearance by some surprise singer and/or musician. That's not asking too much, right?

By the way, the lead guitarist in the I Am Too video and MP3? Well, that's Will Kimbrough. He has just released his latest solo album - Wings. Might be a good idea to check him out too if you aren't familiar with his music. You won't be sorry.



  1. Looking forward to meeting you Saturday! I hope the snow clears for my 6-hour drive south! Know of any good shows Thus or Fri night? Arriving early to start the festivities!

  2. Thursday night - Scott Miller & The Commonwealth @ The Mercy Lounge in Nashville. Haven't checked Friday shows yet.

  3. We're going to see the Dan Tyminski - Jammin' at Hippie Jacks taping Friday, and Station Inn afterwards to see Josh Williams. (GO KINGS!!:)