Saturday, April 25, 2009

Todd Snider's final show at The Daily Planet

Tim Lybarger from kindly made available a soundboard recording of Todd Snider's final show at The Daily Planet in Memphis, Tennessee. While the exact date isn't known, the sound quality is excellent. Todd is backed by a band called The Bootleggers.

Tim gave me permission to share it through MegaUpload. No membership necessary - just enter the cryptic letters (often takes some head scratching, squinty eyes, and multiple attempts to get it right) and you should be good to go.

I uploaded it just as Tim originally offered it. This means the files are in FLAC format (not MP3), and you'll need to convert them to WAV files to listen or burn to a CD. If you haven't experimented with converting FLAC files, three words for you - Traders Little Helper. Its free just like the show, and its pretty easy to use.

Sample Track - This Land Is Our Land

Full Download - Todd at MegaUpload


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